Writing for CEE - Journalism Prize


Journalism Prize Writing for CEE 2016

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we regret to inform you that the journalism award "Writing for CEE" was presented for the last time in 2015.

When APA and Bank Austria initiated "Writing for Central and Eastern Europe/Writing for CEE" in 2004, the focus was on integrating the countries once isolated by the Iron Curtain into the European Union. Now the divides between East and West appear to be overcome, and no one doubts anymore that the former East Bloc countries are a part of Europe.

Today Europe is facing new challenges. The focus now is on the European Union as a whole. Our priorities have shifted as well. Thus after a great deal of consideration we have decided not to present the "Writing for CEE" award any longer.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our respect to all of the participants and winners and to thank them for their loyalty. We look back – somewhat nostalgically – at 13 years of a marvellous initiative in which a large number of excellent journalists received the recognition they deserve. The best articles from twelve years remain available to you through our archive.

Warm regards,

APA und Bank Austria Unicredit


2004 Lubos Palata (Czech Republic), Honourable mention: Stefan Jakobs (Germany)
2005 Diana Ivanova (Bulgaria)
2006 Sefik Dautbegovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
2007 Martin Leidenfrost (Austria)
2008 Anna Koktsidou (Germany/Greece), Honourable mention: Vlado Trifonov (Bulgaria)
2009 Florian Klenk (Austria)
2010 Azra Nuhefendić (Bosnia)
2011 Meta Krese (Slovenia), Honourable mention:  Miruna Cugler (Romania)
2012 Martin Ehl (Czech Republic)
2013 Laurent Geslin & Sébastien Gobert (France)
2014 Takis Würger (Germany)
2015 Martin Leidenfrost (Austria)


2004 Jiri Dienstbier (former Czech foreign minister)
2005 Milan Kucan (former Slovenian president)
2006 Susanne Scholl (director of the ORF bureau in Moscow)
2007 Barbara Coudenhove-Kalergi (Journalist and Expert on Eastern Europe)
2008 Joana Radzyner (director of the ORF bureau in Warsaw)
2009 Bärbel Bohley (former GDR civil rights expert)
2010 Pavel Kohout (writer and co-founder of Charta 77)
2011 Hans-Dietrich Genscher (former German foreign minister)
2012 Wolfgang Petritsch (former envoy to Bosnia)
2013 Adam Michnik (chief editor of the Polish newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza")
2014 Wladimir Kaminer (German-Russian writer, e.g. "Russendisko")
2015 Karl-Markus Gauß (Writer, Journalist, Austria)